Our Mission

To inspire a self sufficient community that supports and protects Black farmers and entrepreneurs.

Why We Exist

Food Deserts

In NC, there are far too many communities that have limited access to healthy and affordable food options. In 2015, 170,431 Wake County residents and 69,240 Durham County residents lived in neighborhoods with low access to grocery stores.

Healthy Living Misconceptions

For some, eating healthy can seem unattainable. Social norms, classism, and racism have impacted the world of healthy living giving the impression that it is not for everyone.

Local Black Farmers

Today there are over 3 million farmers in America. Of those, less than 2% are Black. Land laws, discriminatory banking practices, and other institutionalized practices of racism have impacted a once thriving network of Black farmers.

How we create space

Farm Fresh Produce

Chances are the produce you purchase at the Black Farmers’ Market was picked only hours before it reaches your hands! Unlike big supermarkets and corner stores, you get to meet and talk to your farmer or rancher in person. At the Black Farmers’ Market, you build relationships as you shop for fresh, affordable produce.

Support Black Farmers

Shopping at the Black Farmers’ Market allows you to not only keep dollars circulating in our community but it gives you the opportunity to support Black farmers. Black farmers were once the heart of our food ways. It’s time to reshape our agricultural systems, starting by protecting and supporting them.

Healthy Food For All

There’s no doubt that eating fresh produce can enhance your health. We ALL need food to survive. Let’s work together to change the perception that eating healthy is only a luxury for some. The Black Farmers’ Market is an inclusive, fun, and community centered marketplace.

“I love coming into a space where I feel like I belong. I don't feel like the minority. It just feels like shopping with family every two weeks. And with COVID having us physically distancing ourselves, I'm glad they figured out a way to continue this event.”


2020 Farmers Market

The Black Farmers’ Market happens rain or shine bi monthly rotating between Durham and Raleigh to provide access to fresh foods from farms directly to customers. Join us on our journey to create a strong Black led food system right in the heart of NC.

The 2020 market season is in full swing. Don’t miss out on upcoming events in Durham and Raleigh!


2nd Sundays

1-4 pm



411 W. Chapel Hill St

Durham, NC 27701


4th Sundays

1-4 pm


Southeast Raleigh YMCA

1436 Rock Quarry Rd

Raleigh, NC 

Become a Sustainer

Let’s work together to inspire a community that encourages Black entrepreneurship and supports the keepers of Black food systems – Black farmers. become a sustainer of the Black Farmers’ Market (BFM).

Donations go toward providing our market coordinator a livable wage, creating financial assistance programs for Black farmers, and sustaining the daily operations of the market.

Meet Our Founders

Our team is honored to curate a bi-monthly marketplace that uplifts Black farmers as essential members of our food system. Together we find innovative and fun ways to create a self-sustaining ecosystem that protects Black farmers and entrepreneurs.

Ja'Nell Henry

Fun Fact: I was the very first Little Miss North Carolina Central University (Eagle Pride!)

Favorite Food: My favorite food is crab legs. I eat them at least once every two weeks. I am told I will turn into one soon.

Moses Ochola

Fun Fact: I love arguing about deep and useless things, equally, after 11 pm.

Favorite Food: My favorite food is Ugali Na Samaki (eaten with my hands).

Crystal Taylor

Fun Fact: During this quarantine, I’ve fallen in love with making non dairy meals and sewing.

Favorite Food: My favorite thing to eat is food. ALL KINDS from pasta to Mediterranean to Kenyan. I mean…load me up with it.

"This team of young Black leaders is visionary and so well organized that they execute with precision. Their use of technology to socially connect and organizationally implement is absolutely impressive. Fertile Ground Food Cooperative considers our partnership invaluable."

Our Partners

Strong community partnerships make this work possible. Thank you to our community partners and sponsors who work alongside us to create inclusive and intentional spaces in Durham and Raleigh.


Our most frequently asked questions

The 2020 market season will begin in June and end in November. Markets will be held bi-monthly on Sundays.

Markets will be open bi monthly on Sundays beginning June 2020. Markets open to the public at 1 pm and close at 4 pm.

No, there is no fee to enter the BFM as a customer. We do accept donations to help sustain operations. We are working on a club model for customers to join as part of the market. Details to come.

To become a volunteer, please complete an interest form. Please wait 5-7 business days for a response from the team.

Most of the vendors are able to accept cash, credit, and/or debit.

Community groups are welcome to request space at the Black Farmers’ Market. Pre approval of at least 3-5 days prior to the market is mandatory. Community groups will be selected based on alignment with the mission of The BFM and Black August in the Park. To inquire about space, please submit the contact form below.

We are happy to host musicians and DJs at The BFM. To be considered, please submit the contact form below.

Here are some suggested practices to help keep everyone safe

  • Masks are required for entry
  • Do NOT bring pets
  • Follow directional signs-there is one entrance and foot traffic will flow one way within the market to the exit
  • Shop solo or only with people that live with you
  • If you are sick or part of a high risk group, please send someone to the market in your place.
  • Do not crowd spaces. Try to maintain 6 feet distancing 
  • Let farmers and business owners handle products
  • Use contactless payment options when possible (debit cards, PayPal, cashapp, etc)

Keep your hands washed. Follow CDC Guidelines link here.

All vendors are required to follow local and state guidelines for health and safety of customers. All market staff and volunteers will wear masks when handling donations and BFM market merchandise. We will work with market members to encourage pre orders for quick and simple pick ups. Note bathrooms are currently unavailable at Durham site.

No.  Due to Covid-19, we ask that you please keep your dogs at home to help us stay in alignment with new social distancing rules and regulations.

We are glad you asked! We are always looking for mission aligned individuals and businesses to support The BFM on an annual or monthly basis. Please select ‘Sponsorship’ when you submit the contact form below.

Yes, we are in the process of creating an advisory board made up of Black farmers, Black owned business owners, and the planning team of the Black Farmers’ Market.

No, the BFM does not receive funds from the above entities at this time. The BFM is operated thanks to donations, sponsors, and in kind donations from community members.

We are open to franchise opportunities! Please contact us via the contact form below to discuss.

Yes, a list of members can be found above as they are accepted. The list will be updated on the last day of each month. The day before a market, you can find out who will be present by following our Instagram and Facebook pages.

The BFM welcomes Black owned businesses from a variety of industries. Priority is given to farmers/producers and those who handcraft their products. Please click on the apply now button to learn more. Vendor applications for the 2020 Market season are now closed. If you are a farmer/grower, please contact blackmarketnc@gmail.com to inquire about spots.

The 2020 annual membership is $200 (does not include daily event set up fees).

Thanks for your interest! The application for non farmer/growers is closed. Be on the look out for information about the 2021 market season.

At the beginning of market seasons, to become a member of The BFM, each interested vendor must complete an application online. There is no application fee. Vendor categories include:

  • Vegetables
  • Meats
  • Seafood
  • Ready to eat foods and beverages
  • Plants (edible and inedible) 
  • Arts and crafts
  • Organic household products
  • Fruits
  • Cheese
  • Eggs

Please give us 7 to 14 business days to receive an official email about your application status. Note: 2020 market season only accepting farmers/growers. Farmers, please email blackmarketnc@gmail.com to inquire about space.

No. Sharing of spaces is not permitted.

Black owned food trucks are welcome to participate however there is a different pricing structure. Please complete the form below to express interest. Food trucks who purchase produce from partner Black Farmers will receive a discount.

We operate as a market association keeping Black farmers at the center of our mission. In an effort to uplift and support Black farmers, we have decided to limit the number and types of other vendors. Our goal is to have at least 60% of vendors at all markets be made up of farmers/producers. Vendor applications for the 2021 market season will be open in Winter 2020.

Still Have Questions?

If you want to leave a review, have questions regarding anything not answered in the FAQs, suggestions, or comments, please fill out this form.

Allow 3 to 5 business days for a response.