Our team is honored to curate a bi-monthly marketplace that uplifts Black farmers as essential members of our food system. Together we find innovative and fun ways to create a self-sustaining ecosystem that protects Black farmers and entrepreneurs.

Planning Team

By day, Ja’Nell is a professional within the field of Sexual and Reproductive Health. She works with clinics and health centers in Guilford County to improve quality of services for young people in an effort to decrease teen pregnancy.

By night, Ja’Nell serves as the Director of Operations and Strategic Partnerships for the BFM. Though both her day and night gigs seem to be completely opposite, they both work hand in hand to realize her vision of a holistically healthy community.
Ja'Nell Henry

Director of Operations and Strategic Partnerships

Crystal has been known for her love of hip hop culture since 2012 when she began curating shows ranging from beat battles, open mics and leading panel discussions to owning her own Marketing Agency and Beats n Bars Festival.

She’s worked within NC’s hip hop culture and community bringing those in it together with organizations that can provide support within the community. Taylor is a fierce advocate for the community using music to connect people all throughout North Carolina.
Crystal Taylor

Director of Entertainment and City Planning

Moses Ochola is the owner and operator of The Palace International restaurant, The Vault event space, and The director of creative strategy and vision for the Black Farmers' market. He is driven by a purpose to be a trusted community leader that brings people together to create solutions.

As a serial entrepreneur and consultant, his mission is to use his love for music, food, and the arts to create spaces and events that solve social problems.
Moses Ochola

Director of Creative Strategy and Vision


Favorite Food: Ethiopian! Now if we're talking about favorite dish then Doro Wot

Fun Fact: Name the song, I can name the sample
Konget Elias

Market Coordinator

Favorite Food: Chicken. Sliced, diced, baked, fried. A la mode, or on the side. Chicken.

Fun Fact: I chase sunsets, and have several hundred photos of the ones I've "chased" over the last few years
Raven Herndon

Volunteer Coordinator

Advisory Board

I joined the BFM Advisory Board because I believe in and want to support the values and mission of the organization.
Dalia Place

Southeast Raleigh Promise

Director of Strategic Partnerships

I joined the BFM to both represent the Fertile Ground Food Coop, and, because I am thrilled to be involved with and support the movement for healthy and sustainable food systems that arise from and serve Black people and Black Communities.
Kwesi Craig C. Brookins, PhD

Fertile Ground Food Cooperative

Board Member

I'm so impressed with how quickly and powerfully the BFM has become such a crucial supporter for Black farmers, and built a community for folks who want to join in and participate. I'm happy to do whatever I can do to support Black farmers and the amazing organizers behind this work!
Sandi Kronick

Happy Dirt


Mark Paylor

4 M Foods

Owner, Farmer

I joined the advisory board to ensure the market is sustained and self-sufficient. I truly believe in the mission and power of the Black Farmers Market and I want to this organization stay and thrive for centuries to come.
Chantel Johnson

Off Grid In Color


I am excited to assist great liked-minded leaders in developing a physically and mentality healthy community.
Jamil Johnson

Civic Federal Credit Union

CFCU Representative